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Phone: 01773 764562

Registered Charity:  1064715

Opening Times

Monday to Thursday:  9.00am to 4.00pm

Friday:  9.00am to 3.30pm

Saturday:  9.30am to 2.30pm​

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About Us


Salcare is a charity - a "one-stop shop" providing support for the people of Amber Valley and Erewash.  We have been around since 1977 and we feel like part of the Heanor community and we know that is how people feel about us.

We help anyone in need, whether they have been referred to us by organisations such as social services, the police, domestic abuse services or job centres.  It doesn't matter if you are outside the Amber Valley/Erewash boundaries - if you need help we will help you!

The benefit of having all the information as well as aid and assistance in one place is to be able to make sure that people who require support of any kind can be helped to make safer choices for themselves and their families.


Here to Help

Specialist free support and

advice on all your benefit needs

One Stop Shop

Various items available

including clothes, bric-a-brac,

jewellery, bedding, furniture and

electrical goods

Community Room

Available to local groups

outside of normal kitchen hours

Domestic Abuse

Support Service

We have people on hand

to support all genders

and all communities

Community Kitchen

Serves delicious, affordable

food.  Breakfasts or a

two course meal

Low Cost Service

'Suds R Us' Laundry

just drop off your laundry

Courses & Programmes

From art therapy for children

and young people to

relaxation and stress relief to

support with mental health issues,

plus the Freedom Programme©

Emergency Food

We can supply two days worth of

emergency food for single

people or families if needed

Find Local Services

Useful links to help

you find local services

We are now a registered 'Safe Place to Be' and also a place where 'Supervised Child Contact' can happen, to find out more please see below:

What are Safe Places to Be?

What is a Child

Contact Centre?

A vulnerable person (such as a learning disability) carries a Safe Places Help Card with their name and emergency contact details. Public premises (like shops, libraries, police stations,  pubs) sign up to be officially known as a 'Safe Place' for vulnerable people.  If a person needs help when they are in the community, they can show their Help card to a member of staff in a Safe Place.  Someone will then call their emergency contact or the Police, depending on what the problem is.

More than a million children have no contact whatsoever with one or other parent after separation. Unfortunately some children experience behavioural issues including antisocial behaviour, distress, unhappiness, and both physical and emotional problems. 


Salcare is a safe place where re supervised child contact can happen.

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