Shop opening 9:30 to 2:30 | Family Support 9:30 to 5:00

About Salcare

Salcare is a charity – a “one-stop shop” providing support for the people of Amber Valley and Erewash.  We have been around since 1977 and we feel like part of the Heanor community and we know that is how people feel about us.

We help anyone in need, whether they have been referred to us by organisations such as social services, the police, domestic abuse services or job centres.  It doesn’t matter if you are outside the Amber Valley/Erewash boundaries – if you need help we will help you!

The benefit of having all the information as well as aid and assistance in one place is to be able to make sure that people who require support of any kind can be helped to make safer choices for themselves and their families.

Salcare Escape is a branch of Salcare that provides support and advice to those that have or are experiencing Domestic Abuse. This is through a mixture of specialised one to one support and carefully created groups 

Welcome to the little place that does big things!