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Art Psychotherapy

Art Therapy is a psychotherapy service for children and young people aged 6 – 18 years old. Our criteria for referrals is that the individual must live in the Amber Valley and Erewash area and that they have witnessed, been involved or lived in a house where there has been Domestic Abuse, current or historic. Our previous funding related to trauma and loss.  

We have been funded by children in need since 2018. We have received funds enabling us to continue our work for another three more years.  

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is about using art and play with a trained therapist to express feelings and personal narratives.  To safely reflect on the art pieces being made and feelings it may bring. We have qualified art therapists and trainee art therapists at Salcare. 

The Art Therapist will help guide the individual safely through these feelings and help bring back the understanding of self. Sometimes providing therapeutic interventions to assist the young person to understand and process their feelings, as well as exploring their strengths, resilience and hope for their own future. 

The art items are kept confidential and are not pieces to be shared outside of the room as often these have been charged with feelings. Often sensory items are made and this allows for earlier developmental needs to be worked with. 

We offer individual therapy or group therapy. Currently we will be running a woods art therapy group for 7-10 year olds. This is dependent on child and young persons need and wants to attending therapy and on the outcome of assessment. 

Accesses to our service is through referral and attending an hour assessment with a therapist. Parents are asked to be present for the first 20-30 minutes of the assessment. This allows us to gain consent, provide knowledge of what art therapy is and an opportunity for the child or young person to art make with a therapist for the remainder of the session. This provides a taster to what art therapy might be like for them.  

From assessment we can understand if we are the right service for them. If we are they are placed on a waiting list depending on their need and suitability for group or an individual intervention.  

We also offer creative expressive groups as a wellbeing intervention. 

Creative Expressive Group

Creative expressive groups are not therapy. It is run by an arts facilitator who has completed the relevant training but is NOT a trained creative psychotherapist. They use different modes of the ‘arts’ (music, art, dance, drama) to promote wellbeing and health by working with small groups only. 

How do I get Art Therapy?

Professionals can refer young people and children into the Art Therapy service, parents and young people are also welcome to self-refer. Art Therapy sessions will be for one hour a week. We offer short art therapy interventions that are 6 or12 weeks long.  

Confidentiality and Safeguarding 

Anything discussed within Art Therapy sessions is confidential. However, if they or someone else, is in danger or at risk from harm, we need to share this information with other professionals for safeguarding purposes. 

The artwork remains confidential although clients can take the items with them.  

To find out more or access a referral form
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