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Salcare Escape Family Support Service

Escape is a domestic abuse support service supporting victims of domestic abuse which is open to all genders from all communities.

The domestic abuse support workers at Escape aim to support and empower service users to make stronger and safer choices for themselves and their families. Escape also supports service users with access to other, relevant agencies and services.

Escape offers 1:1 Advocacy, Safety Planning and a variety of free supportive services and groups to meet the needs of our services users. These supportive services and groups include the McKenzie Friend Service, Art Therapy,  LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Support Worker, the Move on Group and the Freedom Programme.

Escape has an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) to address the safety of victims at a high risk of harm from intimate partners, ex-partners and/or family members. The IDVA at Escape will serve as the victim’s primary point of contact and will assess the level of risk to address the safety of the victim and their children. The IDVA will work with the victim by discussing the range of suitable options for the victim, develop safety plans to address immediate safety and discuss longer-term solutions to meet the needs of the victim.

Salcare Escape Family Support Service Services